Friday, April 25, 2014

Em is TWO!

On Em's REAL Birthday {This past Wednesday} I took a half day in Kindergarten and picked her up early from daycare. She was kind of grumpy - so I was worried about the rest of the day. When we got home, she napped, and woke up a new little lady!

My sweet two year old.
We opened presents {She got a tiny bike, books, a DORA, and her very own Ariel Doll}, ate cake, and around 5:30 we left for Sesame Street Live!

Em has never really watched Sesame Street on T.V but she absolutely loves little videos on YouTube with Ernie and Elmo. She knows some of the characters just because we love hearing her say them.. {The name Rosita sounds amazing when a little two year old says it!}

I wasn't sure how she'd do.. but when the lights went down and the spotlights turned on with all of the characters, Em was in awe. I actually started crying a little because I've never seen her so surprised/happy about something... and it was just an emotional day because she turned TWO. Ugh.

Anyway, She couldn't stop giggling/dancing and every time Ernie or Elmo would leave the stage she would ask, "Where Elmo Go Mama?"

The best part of the night - We were on an isle and a few characters walked by to highfive the little ones. Em saw Rosita and was so excited and Rosita patted her on the head. It's 2 days later {which is a lot in toddler world} and she's still talking about Rosita. Highlight of her life. :) Haha.

The past two years have been so sweet with Emersyn. I feel blessed every day.. but on her birthday, I felt emotional! It snuck right up on me at Sesame Street Live and I realize how much our lives have changed for the better and how excited I am for all of the memories to come.

Em's Easter Egg Birthday Party

Well. She's Two. My little baby girl is pretty much on her way to Kindergarten. We had so much fun celebrating Em's Birthday! On Easter Weekend, we had an Egg Hunt/Pancake Birthday Party with Em's Cousins. She loved telling everyone that she was two all day long.. and when we served her Pancakes with a candle - she was so excited!
Wait.. I'm TWO?

It was a perfect and chilly April Day. I love that we took so many pictures to capture these moments when they are still so tiny. It will be so much fun for all of her cousins to grow up together and look back one day to see these.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Whole 30

Hey Friends,

I've taken the plunge on a new way of living{at least for the next 30 days} - It's called The Whole 30 and I am documenting it here. If you've never heard of it you should check out It's absolutely NOT a diet. It's more about becoming educated with what you put into your body and why. I'm sold already just from the first few chapters of the book It Starts With Food by Dallis and Melissa Hartwig. I just haven't been feeling right lately. My energy has been zapped. I feel sluggish.. and I'm not sleeping that well at night. I'm also pretty out of shape with the {post-mama not running enough} trap.
When we lived in South Carolina - with our own home, own schedule, etc. I ate pretty healthy (don't get me wrong I still enjoyed kettle chips, baked goodies, and drinking soda every now and then) but all in all I was pretty healthy. Fast forward to this year living with my parents (No..we still haven't found a home. Ugh.) and things have been a mess. I'm not sure why. I'd like to blame the colder weather and my body being tricked into thinking it needs to store food for the winter.. Haha but now that it's spring - I'm still doing the same thing! No more hibernation excuses.

I teach Kindergarten and I was finding myself exhausted by 1:00. So exhausted that I'd run immediately to get a Diet Dr. Pepper after the kids went to their specials area at 2:00. Then I'd feel good for a little bit but be kind of irritable. I'd get home from school and eat a ridiculous amount of junk because I was so hungry.. and then eat a not so healthy dinner.. go to bed.. not sleep well.. and wake up and do the whole thing over.

With the whole30 you eliminate dairy, most grains, legumes and processed sugar from your diet. I might be saying it wrong so if I am I apologize! You focus on what you can eat - and focus on REAL and NATURAL foods. No. More. Oreos. At least for 30 days. Then it's up to you with how you move forward. According to the authors - I'll never think about food the same way again. Does that mean I won't have an Oreo(or 5) every now and then after this Whole30 thing is over? Maybe.. but Maybe not. It does mean I'll at least be educated on what that Oreo does(and doesn't) do for my body.

*Update* The first three days were pretty easy for me.. and looking back at this - I was forming some pretty bad habits so I'm happy that I'm sticking with it {Day 14 now}. I'm not positive that I'll choose to do this for 30 days - but so far it has been eye opening and in the future I really do think I'll be more intentional with what I put in my body. 
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