Friday, April 25, 2014

Em is TWO!

On Em's REAL Birthday {This past Wednesday} I took a half day in Kindergarten and picked her up early from daycare. She was kind of grumpy - so I was worried about the rest of the day. When we got home, she napped, and woke up a new little lady!

My sweet two year old.
We opened presents {She got a tiny bike, books, a DORA, and her very own Ariel Doll}, ate cake, and around 5:30 we left for Sesame Street Live!

Em has never really watched Sesame Street on T.V but she absolutely loves little videos on YouTube with Ernie and Elmo. She knows some of the characters just because we love hearing her say them.. {The name Rosita sounds amazing when a little two year old says it!}

I wasn't sure how she'd do.. but when the lights went down and the spotlights turned on with all of the characters, Em was in awe. I actually started crying a little because I've never seen her so surprised/happy about something... and it was just an emotional day because she turned TWO. Ugh.

Anyway, She couldn't stop giggling/dancing and every time Ernie or Elmo would leave the stage she would ask, "Where Elmo Go Mama?"

The best part of the night - We were on an isle and a few characters walked by to highfive the little ones. Em saw Rosita and was so excited and Rosita patted her on the head. It's 2 days later {which is a lot in toddler world} and she's still talking about Rosita. Highlight of her life. :) Haha.

The past two years have been so sweet with Emersyn. I feel blessed every day.. but on her birthday, I felt emotional! It snuck right up on me at Sesame Street Live and I realize how much our lives have changed for the better and how excited I am for all of the memories to come.

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