Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weeks 11 & 13

I had my 16 week appointment today and am trying my best to catch up on this little blog while I have an hour to spare! I took a half day from school and Em is napping at her sitter. Even though I'd love to get the little lady early.. we'd have Godzilla on our hands for the rest of the night if I woke her from her nap. Girl loves (and NEEDS) her naps! ;)

I haven't been doing my best taking belly bump pictures, but I promised myself I would do a better job than when I was pregnant with Em. I took a lot of bump pictures with Emersyn, but not in an organized way - so it's hard to tell dates/how I was feeling/etc! And this mama brain forgets things pretty easily these days. :) I'll have a 16 week bump update later this week, but for now here are weeks 11 & 13... and 14! Xoxo.

I'm not in maternity pants yet - but they are getting tighter by the day! I'm trying to hold off until Maxi Skirt Season.. but we will see. :) Xoxo.

Go Bobcats! {14 weeks}

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