Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rainy Days

Nothing beats the late afternoons with Emersyn after the school day ends. Hot Cocoa, Taylor Swift, A little dancing, some craftiness..  Ahh I really do look forward to it.

And today, I've been having fun opening my veryjane.com Washi Tape and squealing while Em looks at me like I'm crazy. If you've never been to visit veryjane.com and you like Etsy, Anthropology, J.Crew, AND great deals.. you should. go. now. after you read my post.

Headbands I've been working on this week.. With Glitter Elastic of course. ;)

Oh Hey Mama - I'll stand here and let you take a picture of me as long as you let me knock the Washi Tape off of the table and put a piece of paper in my mouth. Deal?     Deal.

Okay - Hubby is home.. I'm off to run. Did I just say that out loud? Well now I'm committed. Maybe the hot chocolate wasn't the best choice. :) Happy Tuesday!

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