Sunday, May 5, 2013

First Birthday Treat Table

I had so much fun baking sweet treats for Em's treat table @ her first birthday party. Below is a {Treat Table Breakdown} and links to the blogs that gave me the recipes! 

Oh Pinterest.. How I love you. 

1. Neon Cupcakes - Food Coloring from H.L. and {DIY cake toppers} made from washi tape and striped paper straws. 

2. {Bunny Bait} - So easy to make...and seriously I couldn't stop eating it! 

3. Smash Cake! No link here.. just used neon food coloring to make the different layers.. and an extreme out of control amount of icing.

4. {Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows} - SO easy and probably the biggest hit at the party!

5. Chocolate Dipped Animal Crackers (do you see a theme? Chocolate..Chocolate..Chocolate..) 

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