Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Prius's are Crazy

Hey Friends!

Wow this week has been crazy.

So here is my story...

I took a personal day from teaching on Wednesday to catch up on my life.
Side Note: How people are mamas, work all day, AND keep a house clean is beyond me. True Story.

SO.. that's why I needed a catch up day. I took Em over to the sitters for a half day because it's nearly impossible to clean with her destroying everything in her path..
{you definitely know this if you follow me on Instagra: brittmarie14}

Anyway. :) I went to pick her up around 12:30 because my sitter and her little ones had a dentist appointment. They weren't at the house - so I ran over to the school to catch them.

 I found them in the parking lot, but they were getting ready to leave.. so I parked the Prius in a FLASH, kept it running, ran out like super mom in my running shorts, no make-up and hair that looked like it hadn't been brushed yet that day because it hadn't (so classy, I know) and caught them before they left.

We chatted for a minute and then Em and I headed back to the car....... that wasn't there.

I seriously thought I had lost my mind. This was so much worse than when I lose my car in the target parking lot.

Finally, this man shouted from across the parking lot and asked me if the car by the curb was mine. #Shesaidwhat? Yes I did just hash tag... in blogger which doesn't recognize them. #sorrynotsorry

Anyway - I'm sure you've figured this out.. but my car literally rolled backwards through millions of parked cars and managed to NOT hit anything. It just rolled up on the curb right next to a tree, and then back down while a frantic man in a truck tried to figure out how to save my life and put the Prius in park...

And because Prius's are crazy - he couldn't figure it out. Because it's a button. Understandable.

I swear I pushed the park button.

But obviously I didn't.

Either way - Em and I had SO many errands to run - but I had just used up all the luck that I had left for the we went home and played hide and seek instead.

Well there you have it. My crazy story.

Okay - also crazy - I'm ombre dying my own fabric for bows in my Etsy Shop! It's been fun so far. :) Can't wait to show you all the finished product!
ABEAUTIFULMESS App! My new favorite on Instagram. 

Have a great night! Put your cars in Park! xoxo.

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