Friday, April 19, 2013

Birthday Prep

Em's party isn't until next weekend but I seriously want to start decorating now. In fact - I've already decorated juustttt a little bit. Don't judge.

I love being crafty..
But having an almost one year old who likes to speed crawl around the house like a crazy lady + having no family here + teaching crazy firsties + Mama needing sleep = basically.. no time to be crafty. Ha! :) So I still don't have a lot DONE for her party.. just a million ideas and a Pinterest Board. :) 

I did just get a few pictures printed from Printstagram. It's amazing! You all should check it out if you want your Instagram Pics on paper. I clearly have a problem when it comes to posting pictures of my little lady on Instagram.. so we should follow each other! :) 

Happy Weekend Blog Friends!
Pretty Little Birthday Invitations! :) 

Banner.. Courtesy of Target {But I'm sure you could have guessed that.}

We also planted flowers earlier this week! They make me happy. I hope I can keep them alive.. 
Happy Weekend xo.

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