Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Friday..Friday..


I am so excited about the weekend. I live for the weekends now. We don't even have any plans. Actually we tried our best NOT to make plans this weekend...but the idea of 2 full days with Em and my Hubby.. ahhh. I just love it.

Okay.. Okay.. I can't lie to you all. Em and I DO have plans that may involve a trip to Target..

I'm glad I came clean on that one. :) Ha!

I'm having a BIG incentive on our Pretty Little Elm Facebook page this weekend! If you introduce 5 people to PrettyLittleElm and have them like our page... {I will love you forever} AND you'll get a free headband with your next order! True. Story.

All you have to do is message me once your friends {like} our page! 

Did I mention you all were the best? I seriously have been blown away by the kindness of others when it comes to the blogging world and this little shop of mine! xoxo. 

And now.. onto Em's newest skill...I just can't get enough of this little baby!
{Of Course I'm saving this for later Mama. Do you even have to ask?} Instagram Pic: brittmarie14

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