Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smash Cake Success

I had way too much fun baking this smash cake. It turns out that making bright neon colored cakes is pretty simple! I bought a little cake pan - some amazing gel food coloring - and a box of vanilla cake mix... and Voila. A cute Pinteresty Cake.

{SMASH} Cake.

Just so you know.. I did make homemade icing. {I know.. so classy. I would have used store bought, but we didn't have any.}

Anyway - today was perfect! I didn't stay home with her even though I wanted to. I taught my firsties and then rushed to get her after school.

After school we did all of Em's favorite things..

- Shared a String Cheese and some Cheerios
- Petted Ozzy our Kitty
- Played at least 10 rounds of hide and go seek in her bedroom. {Also known as.. Mama hides behind the same door every time and Em finds her} :)
- Played out on our porch, picked a few flowers, put our hand in the dirt
- Called Grandma and listened to her sing Happy Birthday
- Climbed the stairs together... three times. :)
- And last but not least.. enjoyed some cake while Hubby, a few of the neighbors, and myself clapped and shouted for her.

We ended the night reading the story that ALWAYS makes me tear up The Night You Were Born

It was the first book we ever read to her.. the day we brought her home from the hospital. I cried then.. and I cried today.

She was a tiny little newborn last year at this time. So tiny that her newborn clothes didn't even fit her. So tiny that we were afraid that we would break her. How in the world is our beautiful little lady one? Ahh. I guess time flies when you can't sleep in on the weekends are having fun. Ha! :)

We are so blessed. The past year has been the best year of our lives. I can't tell you how many times I look at Em and count my blessings over and over. I never knew what life would be like as a Mama.. but it's been more than I could ever hope for!

Em's one year appointment is tomorrow afternoon - I can't wait to post the STATS of our little lady. :)

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