Sunday, April 28, 2013

Neon DIY First Birthday Celebration

 Wow. Throwing a birthday party is no joke. I thought I was doing things well in advance {Had some decorations hung a week ago..ha!} but on Saturday morning I was scrambling around like a crazy lady until the party started at 3. I've learned a few things through out this process - NEVER say, {Oh..I'll just wait until the morning of the party to do this} - because "this" turns into about thirty things.

True. Story.

Really though - The party turned out perfect..and Em had so much fun with her friends. I had so much fun planning/making all of the DIY decorations and sweets. Hubby had fun playing corn hole with the other Dads. Again - it was perfect. :)

Another thing I realized this weekend: Our S.C. friendships mean the world to us! We both have ZERO family within 10 hours of us. Em's Nana was able to make it to the party, which was so special {and helpful!}

Even with just 1 family member here..The day FELT like we were surrounded by family. People that have supported us since we moved here. They have been with us through belly bump, to sleepless nights, first laugh, first crawl, to now celebrating our little lady turning one. We are so lucky to have the support we have while being so far away from family. Ahh. We are blessed.

Okay - that was a little sappy. Now for the pictures.. Happy Sunday!

Wait.. you are telling me I'm one?
Shocking! Why didn't anyone tell me? 

{Em's first bite} 

Just the Babies! {Headband} - {Dress}

Quite the after party with the water table.

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