Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gender Reveal Party #TBT

Oh it's just another one of those posts that involve taking a walk down memory lane... but it is #Throw Back Thursday.. right?

So when I had a baby bump - All I could think about was..having a baby bump! Sounds kind of crazy.. and I truly was a little crazy. It's easy to admit now. :)

I was teaching 2nd grade and absolutely LOVING my class - but I definitely had our little baby on my mind most of the time. I think hubby was pretty excited when I decided to have a gender reveal party because at least I could put my baby out of control energy into something! :)

Our original party plan was for us to also wait to find out if Em was a boy or girl until we cut the cake. We were just going to have our sweet doctor put the gender in an envelope.. give it to my friend.. have her bake the cake and voila. Secret Safe.

But let's be honest, I never stood a chance. Right when they offered us the gender at our appointment - I immediately caved.

So - we knew the truth at the gender reveal, but no one else did! Eek! I actually did a great job of keeping a secret. Luckily - I only had to keep it for a day or so. :)

I highly recommend having a little party to celebrate a healthy baby boy or girl! It was such a fun memory that involved sweet treats and I can't wait to tell Em about it when she gets older.

Something was definitely in the water at our school! All of us rocking our tiny baby bumps. :) Now we have play dates together!

Hmm. All of this talk about Parties and Baby Bumps makes me kind of miss mine...

 until I think about Saturday morning and what it would be like to sleep in except for the fact that Em is ready to party before the sunrise. :)


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