Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby Shower Flashback

Well - I'm just going to keep taking walks down memory lane as my baby gets older and older. :) Thanks for understanding. Ha!

My baby shower was just perfect. I love when I can have a lot of the people I really care about in one place!
We definitely had a "co-ed" shower. The boys hung out in the basement, while we all squealed over  little clothes and accessories. We live in South Carolina, but had my shower in Ohio with the family. We rarely get to come home - so it only made sense to include the boys so my hubby could hang out with his friends too!

It was just perfect - and made me so excited for Sweet Em's arrival.
Top Right Corner - I had a headband station... preview to PrettyLittleElm? I think so. :) 

Okay - Walk down memory lane is over for the night  a while. I promise! :)

Flash Forward to today:

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