Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blog Lovin' and Thursday Blues.

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Oh Thursday.. how I wish you were Friday.

This "Spring Forward" time change has rocked our WORLD. Em is just now getting used to going to bed at the new 7:45.. and my first graders are just now starting to calm down from their sleep deprivation craziness. {Right before the weekend starts of course.}

"Wait.. you want me to go to bed an hour early just because the time has changed? Silly Mama."

After school today, Em and I spent the afternoon reading Pat The Bunny {at least 5 times} and looking at fuzzy farm animal books. She is SO into books lately, especially ones that ask her to do something.

She can't get over playing peek-a-boo with Paul, smelling the flowers, and putting her finger in Mommy's ring. If you don't have a copy of this little book - you should MOST DEFINITELY go get it tomorrow. At Target. Wherever your favorite store is.. Like Target.  :)

Em also loves cuddling with her stuffed animals.. like to the point of tackling them on the floor.. 
Every. Single. Time. And it's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. 


Bahaha... Okay. I apologize if this is one of those times where you "had to be there" but I just love my crazy little daughter. She is a mess. An amazing, cute, perfect, {pretty little elm}, mess.

Xoxo. Happy Thursday friends!
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