Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Little Saturday

It's a beautiful day in South Carolina! We played outside all morning at a birthday party. Em napped on the car ride home, so when we got home, we played outside some more. Now - she is fast asleep upstairs. I've checked on her a few times using my amazing Mama Ninja moves.. you know.. getting down really low and sneaking up to the crib to make sure she's okay. Yes - I still do that. Most people say it's because she's my first.. I think it might just be because I'm crazy.

Almost always, Oz our cat ends up sneaking into the room with me and then I have to scurry around to try to chase him out - which he thinks is a hide and seek game.. and before you know it, I crash into something and wake my daughter up. Not today though - Today I was a successful crazy cat lady. :)

Em LOVES drinking from her Bunny Cup. And it's of course.. from Target. :) {She also loves chewing on the ears, throwing it as far as she can, and smashing it down on her high chair tray.} 

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