Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring with PrettyLittleElm!!

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I've learned one thing - It's so easy to get lost in the Etsy World - Especially when you are a newbie shop. I'd just love to see what you all think!

We have been having so much fun playing in the sunshine the past few days! Emersyn cracks me up because when we put her down in the {crunchy} South Carolina Grass - she doesn't like her legs to touch right away. 

If you can tell in this picture.. she's holding one leg up. Ha. :) Love my crazy daughter. 
I'm hoping this Sunshine continues!
Today after we played outside - I added a few more pretty little things to PrettyLittleElm! :) You all will have to let me know what you think! Em likes the purple one.. it's her favorite color of course. :) 

{Lavender and Plum Cluster}

{Pretty Little Bows}

Also -  Check out Megan @ TRENDY TOT TUESDAY - The Them is Etsy Shops this week! My Favorite. :)

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