Monday, March 25, 2013

Facebook Official

Pretty Little Elm is Facebook Official! I have to admit.. at first I was extremely nervous to post my shop on Facebook.. I know that sounds crazy, but until recently {like yesterday} I haven't  really mixed my blog/etsy life with..oh you know.. the rest of my life.

And since Facebook is full of people from the rest of my life - I was a little terrified nervous about it all. That I would fail terribly and they would be there to see it.. or that they would think that my headbands were awful. Ha. Is that normal? Probably not.

Anyway - I got a few quick pep talks from my mom and amazing hubby {For the record.. neither of them called me crazy} Sweet Em gave me some kisses - and that was that!  :)

I teach my Firsties every single day to be confident in themselves and be around people that lift them up, not push them down.. I should probably start taking my own advice. It was a little ridiculous that I was so nervous about letting people in on this not-so-secret... secret. :)

On a lighter note, we found a bunny in our house yesterday and we tried to catch her all day with no luck. Any suggestions? It looks like she's here to stay. :)

Happy Monday & Thank you SO much for all of your Etsy Love and Blogging Support!

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